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Play Learn Create 2015
A Leaf In Time

Materials Needed:

Fall Colored Craft Foam Sheet

Contact Paper

Tan Card Stock Paper

Fall Colored Yarn

Fall Stickers

Tacky Glue

How To Make It:

Part I
1.  Cut a frame out of the foam sheet.

2.  Cut a piece of card stock paper to fit behind the frame.

3.  Cut a piece of contact paper the same size as your card stock paper.

Part II
1. Take a walk outdoors.  Gather a few Fall leaves (choose ones that                 are small enough to fit in the middle of your frame).

2.  Peel the backing away form the contact paper and stick the leaf on               the middle of the paper (front of the leaf facing the sticky side).

3.  Stick the contact paper and leaf onto the card stock paper (frame                  backing).

4.  Glue the yarn to the top of the leaf picture then glue the foam frame on           top of the picture and yarn.  Allow glue to dry.

5.  Add the Fall stickers around the frame.