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Baggy Hula Skirt

Materials Needed:

1 Large Paper Bag


Foam Flowers (or other decorative flowers)

Pom Poms (optional)



How To Make It:

1.  Take the paper bag apart at the seems so that it is one big flat sheet.

2.  Lay a long piece of yarn along the top edge of the flattened bag (this would have been the part         of the bag that made up the bottom).  There should be enough yarn hanging over the sides of          the bag to tie the two ends together in the end. 

3.  Fold and tape the edge of the bag down over the yarn (see illustration).

4.  Help your child cut the bottom half of the bag into strips.

5.  Glue the flowers and pom poms to the rim of the skirt.  Allow glue to dry.

6.  Tie the skirt around your child using the yarn

CIAB 2005