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How To Make It:

1.   Glue two sheets of the card stock paper together to make a 8 1/2 x 11 card
     and set it aside.
2.   Fold the white paper in half (top to bottom).
3.   Cut the paper in half at the fold.
4.   Fold the paper again (top to bottom), then fold the paper side to side.
5.   Unfold the paper then cut the paper on the middle fold down to the middle of the paper.
6.   Make the collar of the shirt by folding the inside corners of the paper down on both sides
of the paper where it was cut in half.  Glue this piece to the top of the card.
7.   Using card stock paper that is a different color from the main card, cut out a tie and knot pieces (print out this template if needed for the tie and pocket pieces).  Use markers to make
dots or another designs on the tie and knot pieces.
8.   Cut a pocket piece out of the same color of card stock that you used for the main card.
9.   Glue the sides and bottom edges of the pocket onto the front of the card.
10.  Fold the tie in half (side to side) then unfold it to give the tie a 3D affect, then tape or glue
the tie and the knot piece onto the shirt.
11. Cut the index card to fit into the pocket, then write a little message on it.
12.  Draw a picture or write a special message inside the card.
Materials Needed:
1-4 sheets of card stock paper
(3 of the sheets should be the
same color)
- White letter size paper
- Index card
- Colored markers
- Tape
- Craft Glue