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Nature Fossil

Material List: 
Plaster of Paris Mix
Medium Container
Disposable Mixing Bowl
Plastic Wrap
Foam Craft Tray
How To Make It:
1.  Walk outside and collect some sticks, pine cones, rocks and/or other interesting natural items.
Note: Items should not be too small as they will sink to the bottom of the plaster and then be lost.
2.  Place a sheet of plastic wrap into the container.
3.  Mix about 1 1/2 cups of the Plaster of Paris according to the manufactures instructions in the disposable bowl.
4.  Pour the mixture into the plastic lined craft tray.
5.  Add a few of the items found outside to the Plaster of Paris mixture. Allow the plaster to set. Half way through the drying process, scratch the date and your initials into the plaster.
6. Remove the fossil from the tray after it has dried.